Senior Session Tips



  • If you wear makeup, wear it like you normally would, only slightly heavier
  • Lip gloss!  Shine on lips is great, even if you choose not to wear lipstick, make sure to have some lip gloss
  • Breakouts – Fixable in photoshop
  • No crazy hairstyle changes before a session.  For hair color and cuts, make an appointment a couple weeks before your session
  • Pinterest is a great way to search for general tips on what to wear, how to wear makeup, etc



  • Boho-chic:  Think Anthropologie.  Your style might be a little funky, a vintage flower dress with tans and browns.  Add pops of color with accessories (jewelry, scarves, etc).
  • Add layers:  Cardigans, blazers, scarves, jackets, etc.
  • Modern and sophisticated:  Maybe you love color!  You’re an Ann Taylor Loft  or an all American Eagle girl.  Wear color, fun modern chevron or ikat patterns, with pops of color. Don’t forget to accessorize.
  • Did I mention layers?  The camera loves to see textures upon textures complete with cardigans and ruffle shirts.
  • Sweet and romantic:  Whites, pastels, light pinks, gold, mint, neutrals, greys, tans.  All of these work really well in front of the camera.  Mix neutrals with pops of color.  Add a little pizazz with scarves, jewelry, belts, and don’t forget about shoes!  This is one of my favorite looks and translates so well on camera.
  • Layers, layers, layers.
  • And ACCESSORIES!  Hats, scarves, boots, jackets, belts, etc.
  • Mix patterns and, most of all, have fun with it.

Still stumped?  Here’s a pinterest board for guys and girls.