Newborn Session


Celebrate Life.

They are only so little so long – Let’s capture it.


  • As soon as you know your due date – contact me (
  • Based on your due date, we’ll tentatively schedule a date.
  • Newborns should be photographed between 4 and 10 days old.  After they hit the 10-day mark they tend to be a little less sleepy and content.  However, if your newborn is past the 10-day mark, I won’t turn you away!  Contact me for availability and we’ll discuss what to expect with an older newborn.
  • Keep me in the loop if any changes arise as you approach your due date.  When you’re in labor or when the baby is born, have someone contact me for exact scheduling.


  • Mom should feel comfortable and pretty.
  • Family should coordinate but not be matchy matchy.
  • Wrapping looks great in a photograph.  You’re welcome to pick out some clothes (true newborn onesies) but keep in mind that having them tightly wrapped in one of my swaddles photographs best and keeps them happy.
  • Feel free to lay out clothing options for yourself, and we can choose together.

beforeiarriveTo prepare for a sleeping baby, here is the strategy:

  • Open up all the blinds and curtains to let all the natural light in.
  • Try to keep him awake a minimum of 1 hour before I arrive. Play with him, talk, entertain etc.  If you have a hard time, sometimes a bath can help.
  • Feed him 15 minutes before I arrive.  Make sure he has a full belly and won’t eat anymore.
  • When you do the last feeding before I arrive, dress him in a diaper and just a swaddle or blanket.  Avoiding clothing ensures we won’t have to undress him and risk waking him up.
  • Have a pacifier and wipes ready.
  • You can turn the heat up to around 75-80.  I know this is a hard one!  A warm baby is a sleepy happy baby.
  • If you have any questions you can email or call me!

I know baby’s have their own plan for the day so if something above doesn’t work out – that’s okay!


I’ll take a quick tour of your home to find rooms with the best light. Then we’ll get started!

This is the general flow to the session, it is definitely flexible.  The goal is to have at least a plan.  🙂

  • Baby alone poses
  • Sibling with baby
  • Going room to room posing

We’ll be stopping frequently for the baby to feed.  We’re all a little happier when we eat right?


  • Newborns sleep and eat.  They poop as well. 😉  And they’ll probably do this on my blankets and props.  This is expected, so don’t be worried or embarassed.
  • Heat + noise + well fed = A happy baby.
  • I will always treat your newborn with the  utmost respect and safety.


  •  You’re going to be anxious to see your photos so I’ll post at least one teaser on Facebook within a day or two.
  • Within 4 weeks (often sooner) I’ll have your pictures in a password protected gallery ready for download.



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